Accept Organic India

A farm-to-table, multi-brand natural and organic supermarket, that offers a wide array of healthier organic wholesome food products, serving as a one-stop solution at Indore for pesticide-free vegetables, fresh fruits, groceries, honey, sugar, snacks, milk, breakfast cereals, beauty & healthcare, personal care, baby care, and other daily need items, sourced from accredited farms that use sustainable farming methods and certified organic food manufacturers.

At JAIVIK Indore, we look to be the enablers in the journey to a healthy lifestyle. We look to make organic products accessible to all and make eating tasty and nutritious food a viable option.

It delivers orders through an in-house delivery team with two flagship stores at Saket Nagar and Sapna Sangeeta at Indore. The platform is also available on mobile applications for Android users, namely JAIVIK Indore.

We are humbled that our journey so far has been well appreciated and relied upon by our customers making JAIVIK Indore a leading and most preferred organic food store.

Working Hours

Accept Organic India is open on all days from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Store Address

Shop No 3, Mangalam Paradise, 362-363 Saket Nagar, Opp. Eureka Hospital, Indore (M.P)

Choosing Organic food means direct vote for a sustainable future for the many generations to come:

Making the right choices amongst all the grocery stores available for both: you and your family can often be a daunting task. There are so many stores selling a wide array of products to choose from that all seem to do the same thing: feed you.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of conventional products at your grocery store are often associated with a number of different hidden costs in terms of your health. At Jaivik Indore, we believe in the power of organics and believe that clean food will help you on your path to becoming happier and healthier.

Also, by shopping organic you not only take a stand against the large chemical producing corporations that have polluted the food and fields but also support our local farmers indulged in organic farming and sustainability and help them live a life of dignity with happiness.