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Founder of Jaivik Indore – A Complete Organic Super Market, Mr. Vishnu Jaiswal & Mr. Umesh Patidar are on a mission against packaged products that are filled with harmful chemicals, additives and preservatives.

Jaivik Indore believes that the consumers deserve 100% transparency in everything they eat. The sole aim of creating Jaivik Indore is to give Indore people, the power to meet every farmer, farm co-op, and producer behind every ingredient they are consuming. For this, Jaivik Indore has associated with leading organic manufacturer and marketer of Madhya Pradesh – Accept Organic, which partners a NGO – Samrudh Kisan Vikas Samiti, that work towards empowering local and small farmers, providing them training to produce clean food and life of dignity, working day and night to bring health and happiness to the people of Indore.

Vishnu explains, people wonder why we go to these lengths while procuring our products. It’s simple – our friends and families eat them too! The push toward more organic farming methods — fewer chemicals, better soil management and more biodynamic methods — isn’t new. It actually began back in the 1940s, so organic is more of a return to how things used to be. Jaivik Indore, since its inception in January 2020, has turned up to be a one-stop solution for clean & genuine organic food products which addresses the confusion and apprehensions of the consumers over organic products that have mushroomed, crowding the stores post COVID lockdown, making it harder for shoppers – be it be senior citizens seeking clean and pure chemical free food, sustainably-minded students and health conscious women counterparts looking to serve clean food on the plate to her family, to identify and purchase genuine organic.

At Jaivik Indore – Staff and customers share feelings of reciprocity, not only towards organic producers, but also towards each other through acts of selling and buying organic products, forming intimate attachment and creating trust to counter the fears and anonymity of the modern food chain, having a motto of providing CLEAN ORGANIC FOOD AT THE DOORSTEPS!

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